Subsequently Filed Documents

The Subsequently Filed Documents plug-in allows users to opt for the paperless route by enabling them to send most documents pertaining to the EP procedure online to the EPO. This greatly increases efficiency and makes online communication with the EPO even more attractive.

XML standard

XML being a market standard, the Online Filing software allows users to attach documents not only in PDF but also in XML. To simplify the creation of XML documents, we introduced the software called PatXML. This tool enables users to produce EPO (and, in due course, PCT and USPTO) patent applications in Microsoft® Word®, export them from Word® into XML and attach them within the Online Filing package. It is based on an internationally agreed WIPO/PCT standard. No prior knowledge of XML is required since, once you have created your application in the familiar environment of Word® , PatXML converts the data to XML.

Network version

Online Filing version 2.10 also offers users the option of using its Online Filing software within a network environment.
The network version is much more efficient, as it allows individuals at different PCs to work independently of one another on one and the same application. Thus, for example, depending on the user profile definition, a patent application could be drafted and prepared by an assistant, the request checked and signed by a patent attorney and the documents sent online to the European Patent Office by a secretary, all working at different PCs. If the company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows it, users can even work out of the office, from home or via a hotspot at an airport.

Address book

The Online Filing Address Book can now be exported to or imported from an external file. The external file is saved in CSV format. The headings of the external file can be mapped to Address Book headings. For more information see Exporting Address Book names and Importing Address Book names.

Live Update

Live Update is a service that updates the Online Filing software, the Maintenance tables and the Fee tables. You can set a reminder prompt to check for updates at regular intervals.